CAMBODIA - Participate in bank conversion by identifying new market opportunities

CONGO - Advise cooperative bank on organizational restructuring

EGYPT – Undertake product design of insurance-wrapped savings scheme

ETHIOPIA – Develop and conduct executive training for bank and insurance managers

GHANA – Develop 5-year business strategy for professional insurance college

INDIA – Offer executive seminars on global best practices in marketing, product design and distribution of microinsurance

TAJIKISTAN – Perform feasibility analysis to evaluate uptake of financial retail products

TURKEY – Create market overview of insurance industry and savings trends

Phone: +49 30 347 27 927


About us

capitalAssociates is a consultancy focused on inclusive finance for client segments of growth and transitional economies. We offer management services and technical assistance to financial institutions in their effort to build capacity for market-driven solutions on a sustainable basis. With innovative ideas and a client-led approach, we promote entrepreneurial development and commercial viability.
Clients have included AFC GOPA
Consulting, Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG), EBRD, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, International Labor Organization LeapFrog Labs, Microinsurance Network, PlaNet Guarantee, and Triple Jump.


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